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Sales and Leasing Application


The Olympus is a condominium association that requires prospective owners, tenants, and additional occupants to undergo an application and approval process. The entire application process is completed online through Tenant Evaluation. More details are listed below.


The application fee is $150 per applicant over 18 years of age occupying the unit or $150 per married couple (with uploaded marriage certificate). The fee is collected online upon completion of Part 1 of the application.


Once the online application is completed in its entirety, The Olympus Board of Directors has 30 days to review the application and make an approval decision. You will be notified of the Board’s decision


Estoppel & Questionnaire Requests

All requests must be processed through our online ordering portal.

Please email us if you have any questions about estoppels.



Documents Needed

The following is a list of documents you will need to have available electronically to upload during the application process.



  • Photo Identification (US Driver's License or Passport)

  • Copy of signed Purchase Contract/signed Lease Agreement

  • Three (3) most recent months of bank statements

  • Latest Tax Return. If no tax return to prove income, provide the following:

    • Latest three (3) pay stubs

    • If no pay stubs, provide other documentation to prove annual income.

    • If no income, provide letter explaining why applicant does not have income.

  • Vehicle Registration for each vehicle (If Applicable)

  • Marriage Certificate (If applicable & if married with different last names)

  • Pet Photo (If Applicable)

Additional Occupant:

  • Photo Identification (US Driver's License or Passport)

  • Vehicle Registration for each vehicle (If Applicable)



Important information to be collected

Some or all of the following Items may be required, make sure to have the information handy in order to complete the application process.

  • Social Security number for both applicants

  • Moving address (The address you are applying to)

  • Current address

  • Current and past landlord information

  • Employer information

  • Pet information (If Applicable)

  • Vehicle information (such as Tag number, make, year and model)

  • We DO NOT require a hard inquiry on your credit report


Application Process

Step 1: Click on this link: Tenant Evaluation

Step 2: Create your free user account

Step 3: Enter Code 9490 and select application type

Step 4: Complete Part 1 of the application: Applicant Information

Step 5: Complete Part 2 of the application: Signing Olympus Forms

Step 6: Complete Part 3 of the application: Upload required documents


Note: You can save and exit the application at any time and continue it at a later time/date by logging back into your account.



About Tenant Evaluation

Tenant Evaluation is a screening service that takes sales and leasing applications and processes them for the Olympus. This information helps the Association make an informed approval decision. Tenant Evaluation does not decide if you are approved, the screening committee makes the final decision after reviewing your application.


Tenant Evaluation Privacy Protection

Tenant Evaluation understands the importance of keeping your information secure from unauthorized access. All of your sensitive data is encrypted before being transmitted to/from our servers. Tenant Evaluation is a Level 1 Compliant Organization. For details on Level 1 security standards please Click Here.

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